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Art Project in cooperation with Kindergarden-Kids, 2015

The project "Cosmos" was developed by Andrea von Lüdinghausen in cooperation with Kindergarden-Kids. The theme was an artistic work accompanying the move from the old kindergarden building to the new modern kindergarden building. Three different ways in three different scales were planned to document the move. We used the actual space in scale 1:1: documentation of the physical way by red-white streamer. After we switched to scale 1:50: The children brought their most loved toy and drew the way for it on a plan with an architectural model. 1:infinite: the children invented the idea of beaming the kindergarten building into the universe, connected by the lines they drew. The connecting lines are implemented into infinite space. 

VHV-Kindergarten, Photography: Holger Penschuk and Andrea von Lüdinghausen

publication: Kreative Störfälle ( Un-)gewöhnlicher Dingumgang in ästhetischen Bildungsprozessen Christine Heil (editor), Fabrico Verlag 
978-3-946320-02-9 (ISBN)

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