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Under the programmatic title "Service Lift - Circulation and Event", the inner courtyard and freight elevator of the former printing works " Fehling " in Hanover/Germany will be transformed into an exhibition space for one day.



The pragmatic atmosphere of a shunting, loading and unloading zone prevails in the inner courtyard. The freight elevator used to be used to transport paper pallets and printed matter to the upper floors. It is still used today and transports material to the studios and artefacts to the exhibitions.



The cabin of the freight elevator becomes an exhibition space, the doors of which open anew for each work shown. Thus, a common experience when visiting exhibitions, namely walking through a room in order to be able to view individual works one after the other, is replaced by the viewing of an almost stage-like performance: the rhythmic sequence of presentation phases of different durations (and the corresponding conversion phases), with always new content. The viewer does not move to the work, but the work or works come to him one after the other - the duration of the presentation, the time factor (instead of the distance) becomes the benchmark for what and how much of the entire exhibition he looks at. The artistic contributions - e.g. B. site-specific installation, painting, video projection, reading, performance - ensure a varied presentation. At the same time, the exhibition space, i.e. the elevator car itself, is transformed: from the "white cube" for painting or sculpture to the "black box" for video and other projections, or to a stage for readings and performances...



The semi-public space of the inner courtyard is transformed into a hospitable place by temporary elements (e.g. by seating modules, floor covering, ... etc.). The viewers are offered seating, the orientation of which they can determine themselves. "Service Lift" supports the intervention on the traffic area, which is otherwise used more economically.


"SERVICE LIFT" artists: Rolf Bier, Thomas Ganzenmüller, Christoph Girardet, Dirk Hennig, Petra Kaltenmorgen, Andrea v.Lüdinghausen, Sebastian Neubauer, Julia Schmid, Rüdiger Stanko, Anette Ziss.


Atelierhaus e.V., Spichernstr. 24, Hanover, Germany

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