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do-ing non do-ing or a mysterious area where there is nothing to do


"Acting without interfering leaves nothing undone.[1]"


In her site-specific concept, Andrea von Lüdinghausen addresses the principle of non-action (Wu Wei[2]), which originates from Daoism. The same relevance is assigned to inaction as to action. Wu Wei is the paradoxical recommendation to do inaction, to consciously give it space. Effortless observation using all senses creates a space of concentration. Fresh, effortless thinking becomes possible - previously unseen potential can unfold.

In order to practice in the courtyard of the Wu Wei artists' house, space is spanned between three reference objects that are present in the courtyard. Through their sheer presence and the way they appear, they demonstrate the Wu Wei principle: doing nothing leads to sculpture, image and installation. Topics are prepared Unfinished, procrastinated, waiting.

"What is actually happening here?[3]"

The immaterial definition of the space serves the sensitive perception beyond territorial claims of artistic will and action.

This area is dedicated to Wu Wei.

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2021 – 89th Autumn Exhibition, Kunstverein Hannover 

Site-specific work for the courtyard of the Künstlerhaus

Materials: Locations

Size: approx. 500 square meters

Text: Catalogue publication


[1] Tao Te King, Laozi, Chapter 48,

[2] The Wu Wei principle is applied in different areas: e.g. B. in Chinese philosophy, in Taj Chi, yoga, coaching and management.

[3] Christopher Titmuss, Talk about Formlessness and Non-Doing, MTTC, Pauenhof, 10/2020

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