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An "artistic intervention" and "spatial mural work": taken from the nomenclature of art criticism and rarely adequate – for the work " DER BAU / ENTRANCE I" by Andrea von Lüdinghausen, both fit perfectly, and yet we are dealing with a feigned intervention. A man-high hole torn into the wall welcomes the viewer and questions the protective zone of the exhibition space. At the same time, this shapeless wound in the masonry pulsates full of promise, its dynamic does not stem from the fact that it carries the act of destruction as information, but from the impression of something organic that has found its way into the architecture and provides interpretable insight into a life behind it.

Laetitia Urban, 2008

"Only a large hole is actually visible from the outside, but in reality, it doesn't lead anywhere...", wrote Franz Kafka in his unfinished story "Der Bau" and the wall work depicts the same thing. Here on the border between two- and three-dimensionality, between the optical game of perception seems to jump ahead of picture and sculpture in order to supposedly grant a look into the depths. Attractive and yet repellent, alluring and yet alienating, this labyrinth of seeing serves as a haunting projection screen for inner and outer attitudes.

Michael Wolfson, 2008


2008, Nordlichter –  88th Autumn Exhibition, Kunstverein Hannover 

Texts for the catalogue publication

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