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Andrea von Lüdinghausen presents «Details from Distance», a project in which she works with apparently familiar objects and materials from her everyday environment, in a constant process of displacement and condensation that results in a sculptural expansion from agglomeration. The result of these new combinations is an expanded sculpture that has, as a characteristic, a voluptuous and disembodied corporeality. This expanded sculpture of the everyday acts in direct relation with the specific site in a methodical and profound spatial exploration.


For this project, the artist works with very thin curtain rods among many other objects, generating a skeletal structure that is precariously supported in space, generating a state of tense calm. When observing the objects used, their past life and their original use become evident, but the sculptural process decontextualizes them and places them in a new place, giving them a new logic devoid of their original meaning. This is how there is an evocation of the curtains in the canes and therefore of their home use, but said reminiscence only lasts as a flash, a glimpse of a narrative that appears to be incomplete.


Parallel to this collection of objects, Lüdinghausen's repertoire is also based on an archive of different images of the body, diagrams of medical anatomy and physiology. This archive reflects his interest in the methods of scientific representation and the tools used to observe the human body, as well as to explore or tame it.


During his period of residence in the space, Lüdinghausen proposed to work with this visual archive as well as with a repertoire of sculptural processes that are familiar to him, but adding new objects and materials found in his different routes through the streets of Buenos Aires where he collects them for then combine these "parallel matters" in order to generate an "unstable balance" in said combinations in relation to his place of origin in Germany and the space he now inhabits in Argentina.

This is how the sculptural tension generated by the objects hanging or suspended in space is superimposed on the symbolic tension between the different places where they were extracted and the methodologies applied to them.


Espacio Kamm 

Buenos Aires



Text in spanish original: VERREV



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