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´Mobile Studio/Mobiles Atelier – Art Projects for Children´, 2006 - 2010

The artists Andrea von Lüdinghausen, Kirsten Mosel, Claudia Wissmann and Ute Heuer developed 2006 the art project MOBILE STUDIO which was implemented in 47 Kindergartens in the period of 9 years. They implemented intensive one-year-long professional art processes in education institutions. the main idea was based on the attitude that professional art should be integrated in educational institutions. Andrea von Lüdinghausen and Kirsten Mosel expanded the project 2008 with curatorial aspects and invited international working artists to design art projects for kindergartens. The MOBILE STUDIO was supported primarily by the Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover.

Photography: 1st and 3rd Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, 2nd Christiane Oppermann, 4thRoland Schmidt

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